Paso Robles, California
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Sears has outsourced all the logistics to India and they are horrible. They hung up on me 34 times and I was on hold for over 20 minutes other times.

They refuse to give me the phone number of the delivery person and they refuse to transfer me to the local Sears store. I waited all day Monday for my new Dishwasher to be delivered and no one ever called me. It is now 8:24 PM. Every time I spoke to someone in the India call center, then told me the driver would call me "Right Back".

I explained that I do not live at the house, so I have to be called ahead of time so I can drive the hour to the new house to meet the delivery man. I am going into Sears tomorrow and demanding a refund and I will NEVER buy anything from Sears again.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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DO NOT BUY SEARS Appliances. There customer service is terrible, located in india, cannot understand a word, they missed the delivery date with no excuse, contractor delivers with no idea how to set-up appliance. Sears is a joke and I HIGHLY recommend either Lowes or Home Depot for your appliances unless you want to pull out all your hair.


Same problem. India service which is HORRIBLE!!!


I just called the Sears Customer Service and could not even understand the woman.

I had a question about my shopping cart which has several thousand $$ in it but had a question on a charge for hauling away the old mattresses.


I will NOT be ordering from SEARS.


Sears even out sources their HR and Payroll to India!!! Sears can't keep those jobs in America?!?!

They can barely speak English so how are they supposed to understand our labor and payroll laws that an HR or Payroll professional would know.

I am just floored over this news!!


I placed an order with Kmart/Sears and cancelled it the same day. I was guaranteed it was cancelled.

Three days later it shipped. I reported them to the BBB and only when I did that, I got somewhere with a person that understood English/was in America and not India. They issued me a refund and told me that they stopped the order from shipping out. A week later it was delivered.

I've been trying to deal with the customer service center again... its been 5 days of just generic copy and paste emails their call center apparently in India. They either don't have anything to do with me email or they just give me the runaround.

They said I could keep the order but they would charge me full price for the item ($100) and not the price I paid after sales/coupons/their rewards program ($29).

Heck no! I told them they need to give me a prepaid label to mail it back... still waiting.

They keep telling me to return it to a Sears.

The closest Sears is 90 minutes and many tolls away, plus its a 30lb item!

SO SO SO SO SO frustrating!!!


same here. waiting for warranty repair for the third day in a row


No. Sears is not the worst.

Capital One Bank is the worst. They expect us to give up on ever having customer service because the customer service people are incapable and unwilling to administer any kind of service at all. They treat us like the idiots that they think we are.

I asked them about my annual percentage rate (APR) and they gave me the rate of something like 2.9%. I said, "That's funny, because I figured it out to be more like 29.9%." She said something very rude and hung up on me.


I had a problem with an appliance deliver (for which I paid cash); every single phone number reroutes offshore with zero resolution. After several hours of this, I went to the store.

After explaining the problem, a salesperson cancelled my order without my permission so that it could be reorder in order for him to get commission. I will never shop at Sears for the rest of my life.


Sadly, I've just learned first hand about how Sears customer service works.

Service rep, clearly in India repeatedly asked me for the same information, never actually found out anything about what I was looking for, asked me all sorts of irrelevant questions. Felt like he was just pretending to look for my order data and gave me a bunch of canned answers that didnt even apply to the situation.

Anyone ordering online for store pickup, beware, the warehouse guys and store associates sadly have very little information to help you at stores, there's no accountability since its near impossible to be connected to anyone that actually knows whats happening with your order.

Sears is a nice store to walk into and purchase something. At least if theres an issue or question you can talk to someone and deal with it, receipt in hand. If you order online or try doing a delivery, you're on your own.


Sadly that is the way Sears operates. One hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing.

I use to work for Sears and I saw it all the time. Especially with it being a dishwasher Sears DOES NOT install them themselves.

They outsource it to a third party contractor. Be lucky it didn't show up because 9 times out of 10 the third party installers screw something up or damage people's property and try to hide it.