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Today, Christmas eve, I was awakened to a call from a SEARS collection agent demanding I pay $ 379+ because I was late 23 days. According to the statement, I am 179+ short. I explained that this was not normal for me and that I DID NOT have the money to pay her today. I explained I get paid on first of month and I scheduled a payment on that date. She said that was too late. I should give her a postdated check NOW. I explained I do not have the money to do so and that I would not give my check chard information over the phone anyway. Secondly, I am out of work and do not have extra money laying around to just give her. I explained I always pay on time and that this month I had entered a payment into my web account but evidently it had not recorded it. I have never been late before. She asked what was my excuse for non-payment: was it I did not have a job or computer error. I stated both. One"”the payment was not recorded on the computer and secondly, since I do not have a job I have enough to pay my bills but not extra to meet her demand. She asked if I was making this payment with my unemployment. I said no. I do not know why that is any of Sear's concern.

I also explained I discovered the missed payment when I went in to enter a payment for January on December 21st. ( I never received a notice that I was late on a payment. I should have gotten something.) Of course, there was a $35.00 late fee applied to my account.

I told her I scheduled a payment for 500 for January 1st. She said this was two weeks too late, she needed the payment NOW and recommended I borrow the money from someone I know to pay it. (It would be rude for me to call family on Christmas Eve to beg for money). I explained January 1st was 8 days away. Again she said that was too late.

I went into my account and changed the payment date from January 1st to December 29th. I then tried to enter another payment for January 1st but was unable to do so. So it appears that I will be late again for January. I requested that in the future they need to contact me via e-mail to let me know my payment is late or through their Message Center. No message were received there.

I resent being treated like a deadbeat and harassed -- ESPECIALLY ON CHRISTMAS EVE. Anyone who shows this kind of disrespect to their customers, I want no part of. I am disappointed with SEARS "˜s behavior-I grew up with SEARS and always thought of it more than just another corporation but I was wrong.

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