Never order from Sears if it is from another place.Like private island etc.

They was going to charge twice the shipping amt. It was going to be $12.00 for 2 small items that sost less. I went straight to the site and place an order there for half the shipping. I got priority shipping for $5.65 and they were just going to send it regugar mail.

They are messing up orders and charging double for shipping somebody else's stuff and pocketing the money, not passing on a savings to their customers.

We have not made an order in a long while because of screwed up orders and saying they did not receive a return(with their own return label) item. They are crooks, they do not know what is going on and now around Christmas and its busy, they cannot even give a tracking number that works. We are finished with them now.

But, NEVER order anything through them that you can get straight from the place thet are selling it for.

About K-mart, they will cancel orders!!They are both CROOKS< CROOKS


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