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I purchased two Kenmore refrigerators, one for $700 and one for $1800 and a Kenmore washer for $600 all of which broke down in about 4 years. My husband was able to repair the $600 refrigerator and is working on the other but if it turns out to be the computer it doesn't pay to repair it so an $1800 refrigerator is garbage.

The washer drum frame completely rotted away and even though the drum has a lifetime warranty, you are not allowed to just get another drum and repair it yourself, you have to let Sears do it at a cost of $129.99 plus the cost of any extra parts needed which they cannot tell you the cost of and you have to pay the $129.99 just for the repairman walking in the door. So if they nail you for another couple hundred in parts you are stuck.

So the washer is also garbage.

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