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I, like many other disappointed consumers, purchased a Sears Kenmore dishwasher in 2006. It failed to fill with water after about a year and a half of owning it. This might seem like an unremarkable problem, except that I live alone and only wash dishes in the dishwasher after large gatherings. I had used this Kenmore dishwasher less than 20 times.

I had a repairman come out here to help me get it working. He got it to fill with water... but now it won't drain and rinse properly. Fortunately for me, I am not using Sears' repair, because they want about twice the amount of money that my repairman is charging me. Sears also does not service their appliances where I live on Saturdays... but they were more than happy to try to sell me an EXTENDED warranty for another couple of hundred dollars.

After 20 uses, this dishwasher is most like headed out the door. I wish I had my old 1977 dishwasher back now! It would have cost a LOT less money to repaint it from harvest gold to white.

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