I know everyone complains about Sears I was right up there too! However after lots of service calls and finally calling the corporate office,I actually got a new dryer and a 2 year service contract all for free.

Sears did right by me! I had my dryer repaired 6 times in 2 years and it finally broke again. I will say that the 1800for myhome is not a great or even good service,a royal pain. I finally gave up and called their corporate office directly.

I was given an authorization number annd $1044. towards a new dryer at any Sears store.

I went into my local store and it worked. I called corporate and asked why I could not use some of the money towards an extended warranty and was told no problem, they added a 2 year warranty onto my dryer for no additional cost!

Monetary Loss: $700.

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