Vancouver, Washington
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Kenmore Range purchased 3/05/07 with a total cost of $874.98. Burner switch malfuntioned and replaced in warranty 11/07. April21, 2008, a second (other) burner switch now has malfunctioned and is not covered under warranty.

Burner switch malfunction resulted in erratic temperatures - now stays on high setting.

Repair cost estimated at less than $200.00 Mighty expensive stove we've bought here.


The Sears repair telephone system is a gigantic nightmare that left me in a rage by the time I was connected to a talking person.

Right now, we need a new refrigerator and I won't set foot in a Sears store with the experience I've had with this range and their telephone labyrinth.

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Nice to know there are people in this country who don't know what "Warranty" means. If you had an engine in your car replaced in warranty, and it blew up again after the warranty expired...guess what?

It's because of people constantly showing up at Sears that caused them to have to change their policy in the first place.

Things broke down 50 years ago with the same frequency that they do today.

The difference now? The company isn't going to GIVE you hundreds of dollars worth of repairs outside the warranty anymore.