We purchased 6, count them SIX, Kenmore Elite appliances in one day totalling about $5000. Within the past two weeks, I have spent OVER $1100 dollars to fix them. I am going to spell out our situation in glorious detail. First, the refrigerator...what a beauty. Stainless steel, French doors with the ice maker on rhe left top door with the freezer on the bottom. So far, so good, right??? Well, that is until you are dying of thirst and want to get ice through that nifty little hole in the front of the fridge, specifically put there for that purpose. SWING AND A MISS!!! I found out that little hole is just for decoration. No ice comes comes out of there unless you want to spend 500 to fix the auger something that makes those delicious nuggets of frostiness pop out of teir intended chute.

Now, lets move onto my dishwasher. That stainless steel beauty is such a flirt with all those little red and green lights blinking at me all day and night. I am still trying to figure out if she is flirting with us, or if it is her desperate plea to be TAKEN OUT AND SHOT TO PUT HER OUT OF HER MISERY. She needs a new mother board, cha Ching! $208 and change please!!!!

No one could have 3 Kenmore Elite appliances that don't work, could they? ONE LUCKY FAMILY I KNOW CAN!!!! Can YOU guess who it is??? Mr. RANGE fell ill as well. He needed a new control panel. What you all need to understand is that both "cook" and "bake" are FOUR LETTER WORDS IN MY HOUSE! I desperately try to avoid them at all cost. I can count in two hands the number of time I have actually "cooked" in this oven. But, Mr. Range must have a weakened Immune system for his control panel to go like that. That will be $328 and change!

So, after the fact, I found a 15% off in home repair coupon. I asked if I could use it, seeing as I am a frequent buyer of the SEARS IN HOME REPAIR SERVICE,only to be told NO!!!! I guess the joke is on me for being a sucker for EVER BUYING ANYTHING IN SEARS. SO, BE WARNED AND BEWARE....SEARS has the WORST appliances for the most outrageous prices.


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The history is unclear and the comments are just as confusing.How long did you have all these appliances?

For all to go wrong with similar controller board problems could lead one to believe there is a power problem in your area.

I disagree with the comments that more expensive is better. Many of the controlers, fans, thermostats are the same. There are just more bells and whistles.

Yes, the bells can stop ringing and the whistles not sound as sweet but the basics should still work.

Although some feel the extended warranty is a waste of money, there are also some that believe if there are weak parts, the electronics go bad the first year and motors go bad the second or third so maybe a 3 year warranty is a good idea, then drop it.Paying for 10 years of warranty is like buying a new frig every 10 years


Whopps, I reread nikalseyn and realized I had read it completely wrong.What *** buys new appliances every few years?

My mother has owned 2 refridgerators in over 30 years. You have to be some kind of *** to waste $ replacing things over and over again. Buy the best you can the first time, and don't replace it until it's %^$#ing dead. Guess what, by spedning $2k on an appliance instead of $1k, it lasts 10 times as long.

Therefore saving you over $9k in replacing it every year. *** nikalseyn, you must be a cheap, poor man. No wonder you don't have nice things.

Keep wasting your money replacing junk.Sucks to be you.


I have to agree with nikalseyn.How did you purchase 6 appliances with stainless steel for $5k?

My fridge alone was $1800 (Kenmore, top of the line, stanless) my stove was $1600 (top model, Gemini, stainless), and the dishwaher was about $1200 (Whirlpool top model, stainless) and they were all ON SALE. There's about $5k for just 3 appliances. And after 4-5 years, the stove needed its board replcaed, and guess what? I had the warrenty, and it got replaced for free.

Now they are all 7-8 yeras old and no (more) issues as of yesterday. What you did was buy the cheapst appliances you could get away with, not buy the extended warrenty, and expect them to wear like the more expensive models. That doesn't happen, and now you see that.

Next time, drop a few more bucks and get a better unit, and the warrenty.

(Also, store brand NEVER tastes as good as name brand.NEVER)


I apologize nikalseyn, but, yes I am trying to get more bees with honey.I bought all six in June 2009.

Delivered in either June or July 2009. Sears has already acknowledged their part in the debacle. Thank you for your sobering, miserable comment. My assumption is if u pay for a bell and or whistle, the expectation is that it will whistle it ring.

Is it wrong to expect the bells and whistles r work??I think not!!!


I know you are trying to be amusing, but you haven't given us much info here.What models and when did you buy them?

Bottom line is to buy the cheapest model of an appliance, without all the bells and whistles, and when they break and you cannot fix them cheaply, you throw out and buy another cheap one.

I suspect you bought expensive models and now realize(I hope)that paying more does not mean they are any better or will last longer than the cheap models.Having an ice dispenser on the door of a fridge is just asking for trouble---bells and whistles??

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