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We bought all new Kenmore Elite appliances for our kitchen, and also a washer and dryer. The only non-Elite is the convection microwave, and that is a GE, as I wanted to stay with Advantium, which is what Kenmore used to have. So far I have had visits on everything Elite except the dryer. They have had to replace both the washer and the range. The dishwasher has had 3 visits, and the guy just left after refrigerator visit #2. Mind you, this was brand new in March.

The first technician hadn't a clue what was wrong with it and just melted off the icebergs that had grown. They are now back, and this tech said it is the board for the fridge causing it to not defrost as it should. Don't they test these things? I guess it is just cheaper to manufacture whete they do, but how much is doled out on repair visits and parts! The fan is so iced over it can't run, and the ice maker won't work. The temp in the fridge is only like 50 degrees. So he ordered a new one. Yay, it is Christmas in 8 days and I have massive cooking to do.

I am so PO'd right now. I believe I have had 13 or 14 visits between all these appliances, not counting all the deliveries of the replacements. No wonder Sears is in trouble. I wouldn't recommend a Kenmore Elite to my worst enemy.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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