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Less than a year ago I purchased a Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator. At that time I also purchased an extended warrantee.

Recently I noticed that items in the deli bin were frozen. I called for service and the technician told me that there was a service bulletin on this refrigerator. The bulletin states that there is a defect in the main circuit board and that this circuit board must be replaced. In addition the serviceman told me that there was probably a large accumulation of ice in back of the refrigerator.

Fixing this problem will require moving the refrigerator. The serviceman stated that he could not perform the work unless I sign a waiver for damage to our floors.

I have very expensive wooden floors and I don’t want to have to assume the risk of damage due to a manufacturer’s problem.

I have been given a run around on this and Sears refuses to make the repair without me signing a waiver. My insurance company and PA Consumer affairs advise against signing a waiver.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Repair or replace the refrigerator without waiver of damage to my floors..

I didn't like: Run around on waiver, Repair policy, Not listening.

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Sears seems to be trying to make you a guilty partner in the repair of your refrigerator. Your refrigerator is failing because of THEIR manufacturer defect.

In order for them to repair the refrigerator, they are trying to absolve themselves from the possibilities that the consequences of the repair may cause other damages. They are implying that that is your fault and are making you responsible.

DON'T SIGN THE WAIVER.. It is their responsibility.

Any damage caused by a vendor is the responsibility of the vendor.

Thank you for enlightening me and others to the problems Sears has with some of it's products and their poor customer service.

Their inability to make repairs covered under their guarantees seems illegal Sears used to stand for quality products and service. I, for one, do not plan to buy appliances from them in the future.

Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, United States #1045937

I purchased a refrigerator with a defect and General Electric stood behind the product. They immediately sent a repair person to fix the refrigerator and another person to fix the dry wall and paint damage that the defect caused to my home.

In no way was I responsible to any of the damage. I was very pleased with the GE service and would recommend GE as a manufacturer.

Clearly, based on the comment this is a sick, elderly person and he does not deserve such a run around.

I am disgusted by the undo stress this is putting on this person and would not advice anyone to purchase an appliance from Sears. I use a local family owned appliance store and believe that buying local is the way to go.


Sears should stand behind their products. If there is a known defect, they should replace the product at no liability to the customer.

There are other stores that sell refrigerators and will stand behind their products.

Obviously, Sears doesn't want repeat customers. I'd purchase from a different retailer in the future.

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1045425

You are making it difficult, if not impossible for Sears to fix the appliance. Move the fridge yourself.

Call Sears, schedule the fix and just before they come, move it, have it fixed by Sears and then move it back. They don't want to move it in case they somehow damage the floor and you then try to blame them and want money for a damaged floor, etc. This is not rocket science.

Moving a fridge without damaging a floor is very easy. Any *** can do it---even you.

to bobs2015 Warrington, Pennsylvania, United States #1045444

I have phase 5 kidney disease and am not allowed to do heavey labor. I don't think I should have to waive my rights to have a repair performed on a defective product. I am also a Viet Nam Veteran and do not appreciate your characterization.

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