I purchased a dishwasher from Sears on 10-07. I just had problems with the dishwasher and it quit working.

The technican came out and said that the motor failed. I need a new motor. His charge will be $230 for the motor and $164 for the labor. I did not purchase an extended warranty so the technical said nothing was covered.

I called Sears to see what they could do to help me out with the cost. I have in the past purchase other Sears products and I feel I am a good customer of theirs. The first gentleman I spoke with said he could do nothing for me. I then asked to speak to someone else and he put me through to the Sales Department.

I spoke with Don McCabe who also said he could not help me out. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He put me through to Sandra who said all she could do was to give me the standard rate pricing of $129 which would only save me $35. She told me I should have purchased the warranty.

I am very unhappy with this service and will NEVER purchase another Sears product again.

I didn't expect to get it done for free but I did expect a better labor discount that $35. I've had better service relations with car dealerships than I just had with Sears.

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why are you complaining. you decided not to get the insurance, its your own fault.


We purchased a Kenmore dishwasher around the same vintage and time frame as you. The mod # was 665.17369300, s/n FP4807180, it has a black front and touch pad controls.

We did not purchase ext. contract either. When the unit was less than 2 yrs old, it would continue to wash forever, and not rinse. The timer/control was the fault and is electronically controlled.

A new control was not available, only remanufactured. I have purchased many Sears, Craftsman, Kenmore appliances, tools ,lawn&garden from them also. Upon my fired up complaints to them via web-site, they replaced the control under customer service policy, no charge. Then a few months later the heating element failed.

Again, after fired up complaint, they covered that too assuming that maybe the failed control might have caused the heating element failure.

It does pay to ***, and the squeaky wheel really does get the grease in some cases. Hope this helps.

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