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I have purchased 2 expensive Kenmore frontloading washers over the past 6 years and both developed serious problems with leaking door gaskets. The warranty repair service argues with you that it must be due to some kind of abuse, but I do maybe 3 or 4 loads of laundry a week total and use the machine according to the directions, The gaskets in two washers have failed and leak a lot water which has damaged the ceiling of the room below the laundry room.

The handle on the dryer broke off, but that is only a minor irritation compared to water leaking everywhere from 2 different expensive washers. I would never buy another Kenmore washer.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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the water leak out of the door on my front loader is a pain in the gas buy trying to finr

e a way to solve it.


I that case don't buy whirpool, maytag, frigidire, eletro, they all use the same parts and made by the same company. i'll guess you'll have to wash your cloths by hand...


I have had the same problem with mine. The repair men have always told me that I have done mothing wrong.

Its the problem with the gaskets themselves. I have had mine repaired twice in 6 months.

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