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Junk, burners rusted out within five months. Complete lack of customer service.

After reporting problem to Sears customer service, in June of 2012, I was promised that my parts would be at my home by July 4th for the holiday. Come August 2012, the replacement parts were still not received. After multiple calls and conversations with Sears customer service, I was again guaranteed that the parts would be at my home no later then the end of September 2012. Well September came and went, in October 2012 I again spoke with Sears customer service, after explaining the situation and my frustration of having a grill for nine plus months, that has only been functional for five of those months, I was forward to a "Manager" who stated that if one of there technicians had come out the grill would have been fixed by now, as there tech's can easily get the parts, and if the technician could not get the parts and have the grill repaired after thirty days of there visit a new grill would be provided.

So an appointment was set and a tech came out on November 7, 2021, after inspection of the grill the tech found that multiple parts besides the burners had rotted out and placed an order, we then scheduled a return visit for December 5, 2012. Fast forward to December 5th, the parts still did not arrive, and the technician called me to cancel the appoint as he was aware the parts never shipped. Yet, again I called Sears customer service, and was told there was nothing they could do until after the thirty day mark (Dec 7, 2012). So I waited until December 14, 2012, and called Sears customer service again.

After explaining the situation to multiple people and being transferred to multiple departments, I was left on hold for thirty one minutes, I was then asked if I still had my original receipt, I stated I may but did not have a clue to where it may be as it has been almost a year since the purchase, and I had been told my receipt was no longer necessary as I had registered the grill with Sears at the time of purchase, providing all the information related to the grill, ie; cost, serial number, model, place of purchase. Not to mention the fact that we have now been dealing with this repair for six months and this is the first time this had ever been brought up. I was then told there was nothing they could do. All that said, Sears, Kenmore, Kmart, Craftsman, etc.

have now lost a customer of 45 years over a $299 grill and the worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I have since replace my Kenmore washer and dryer with a Sears competitors brand at a cost of $4000. I am currently rebuilding a kitchen and will replace all appliances with competitors products. I will no longer purchase Craftsman tools, opting for Husky and Snap-on.

Nor will I spend one red cent with Sears or any of there affiliates again. Oh. and the grill has been replaced with a Weber Grill, 25 year warranty and real customer service that stands behind there product.

PS There technician tried to sell me an extended warranty on his visit.

I replied it might be best to fix the on going problems first as currently my faith in Sears, Kenmore, and there subsidiaries is at an all time low, and spending good money after bad does not make sense. Disgraceful!

Monetary Loss: $299.

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