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Do not purchas an Oasis Kenmore washing machine.The company makes their money off repairing them.It has a computer board on it that likes to go out.I'm having my 3rd repair on it since I bought it. Bought it 02/17/2007.

I could have put some money towards a cheaper model washing machine and have a better washing machKine,

I bought a used whirpool washing mashing that worked for 15 years without any repairs.

Just because the washing machine is expensive and it is bought at a well known store does not mean the product will work well.

I think the main objective of this company is to make money on repairing the product. They don't care that you are a happy consumer and are satisfied with the Kenmore Washing Machine you bought.

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RE: OASIS from Sears in Cornwall, Ontario.

I will not be back with my business, and will discourage others, unless Sears honours their promise. to fix my washer.

1. I called the Sears number given on the recall notice and was told that although my washer had the same symptoms that warranted the recall, my model and serial number weren't covered. I was referred to local Sears store Parts & Service.

2. Parts & Service said they only know what Whirlpool tells them and suggested calling Whirlpool.

3. I called Whirlpool and was referred back to Sears.

4. After several transfers and dropped calls a representative of Sears told me that if the problem was the same as the recalled washers the repair would be covered by Sears.

5. Sears sent a repairman who confirmed that the problem was the control board as in the recalled washers. He didn't have the part but said he'd have it in 2 days. He called 3 days later to say Sears would not honour their promise and that I'd have to call them.

6. I called Sears and was told they didn't know the person (whose name I gave them) that made the promise, nor did they have a record of the call. They promised to call back.

7. I went to the Sears store in Cornwall, Ontario and was able to find the name of the "unknown" employee in the database as well as a record of my call.

8. Sears later called (careful to not leave a name) leaving a message telling me the promise to fix the washer was a mistake and the part and repair would not be covered.

9. I have informed the local Sears sales people about this corporate representative who will make a bonus for sluffing me off, at their expense. Because although the salespeople are quite nice and helpful, Sears can not be considered a source of trustworthy product nor service and support.

10. I of course will not be back with my business, and will discourage others, unless Sears honours their promise.

11. If anyone else is doing something about this issue, feel free to write:


Nah, I can ASSURE that ANY manufacturer tries their best to design a machine that will be trouble free. There is ZERO profit for the manufacturer in the repair business. That's all handled by independent contractors and is a HUGE expense to the manufacturer.

I own the same machine as you, and we had the board replaced as part of the recall. Fortunately the machine has performed without any other problems, and is used heavily.

I was however VERY disappinted recently when I had annual service (Sear's maintenance contract) and found the interior works of the machine is HEAVILY rusted. The repairmen assured me I would be having problems with the machine down the road and encouraged us to be SURE to maintain our maintenance contract.

I also have found their is a law firm that is collecting information in consideration of a class action law suit. Just google it and you can sign up to participate.

Hope that helps and good luck,


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