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I purchased a Sears Kenmore Refrigerator Model 59429 for $1019.99 from Sears In Frederick Maryland Mall in Nov 2006. In that first month I called Sears about it not cooling properly. The tech gave me a lesson in adjusting the temp controller.

I called again in Oct 2007 and twice more in 2008 before a Sears technician determined that the compressor had a blockage or some contamination. We lost a great amount of food and were without a refrigerator for several weeks. In fact, in 2008 one Sears Technician left without even verifying that his compressor repair would work which prolonged our being without a refrigerator.

Finally, in June 2008 a Sears Tech did replace the compressor, condessor and part of the refrigerant lines. If you google Sears Refrigerator problems you will find articles about unknown contamination from some Electrolux factory in Mexico where my Sears Kenmore Refrigerator was made.

The Sears One Source people are of little help. They even gave me hope that we would receive a replacement refrigerator, later a $500 credit and finally just a repair job that I have no confidence to last the number of years one would expect. Sears forced me to purchase an extended service warranty for $252 before they would even send a tech inspite of my refrigerators' service record and it being less than 3 years old.

Also, please realize that the compressor is suppose to be warrantied for 5 years even though that is not publicized by Sears.

We have always purchased Sears products in the past since our parents did likewise. But now the market has changed and Sears is milking their past years of good will for profit sake. There is no longer a Sears advantage.

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Not only do they sell bad products that break down after a few months, they take a week to come to repair them. this is the so called 'guarantee' they give.

We purchased a Kenmore refrigerator (coldspot) in January 2010 for about $970. It broke down in early June 2010 - about five months after the purchase!

Since it is still under guarantee we called the company service department on the early morning of June 5th to request it to be repaired. The service technician will come June 11th afternoon. For a whole week they leave us without a refrigerator!


No, and Electrolux has not even bothered to answer my contacts.


To the person with the cooling problem-I had the same problem with my refrigerator-the non-freezer side stopped getting cold and I was told the part would cost $400. The appliance was onl two years old.

Kenmore owners should e-mail me at saturner55@verizon .net. Sounds as if their could be a class action suit, if we had the same problem


Sears has alot of warranties like that where THE PART is covered but the labor isn't by Sears or the manufacturer.

Since this had problems since day one I would've pushed the issue a little harder.The pressure to sell those warranties is insane.Do not think they will not hold the lack of a service plan against you.

Did you ever find out if Electrolux issued any recalls?