This past weekend was Memorial Day, and we were looking for a new fridge. According to Consumer Reports, the top 4 refrigerators were LG & Kenmore, so we looked at the ad for our local (Newark, CA) Sears, and they had one of the CR recommended Kenmore models on sale from $2299 down to $1199. They were also running a commercial on TV over the weekend showing the same model on sale for $1199. We checked on line to see if they had any in stock, and we were pleased to find they showed several on hand. We loaded the family in the car and headed on over to the store.

We arrived, and found there were several models on the floor. Hoping to check out the fridge in person, we didn't see the advertised model on display, and asked a salesperson if they had one available. We were told that they had a few in stock, but not one on display, and if we wanted, the salesperson would show us larger pictures of the model on the computer?!

With a local, and possibly national ad displaying only 1 Kenmore fridge on sale, wouldn't it be a good idea to have that model on the floor, so people could take a look at it to help sell the product? You'd like to believe that the stores were given a heads up on what models they were putting on sale, and yet no one thought to make sure that model was on display?

Since the store didn't have the model on display, we left and ended up buying a different brand (for a higher price) at Best Buy, and the salesperson knocked several hundred dollars off the sales price, as we explained how disappointed we were with our experience at Sears.

I used to be an avid supporter of Sears, as all of my Craftsman tools are "Made in the USA", and 4 of my 5 major appliances were the Kenmore brand, and have lasted 25 years. But once they began sending their hand tool production overseas several years ago, and this weekend's latest gaffe of not having a widely advertised sale model on display, it's no wonder, (and a shame) this once proud company is steadily going down the drain.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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