Asheville, North Carolina
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On Jan. 2, 2009 my husband noticed a plastic burning smell and traced it to the fridge.

When he opened the doors he could feel the heat from the light coming out, he went to shut off the breaker and heard a crash, when he went back the light fixture had melted and fallen onto the top shelf. After calling Sears repair line and getting no satisfaction he called the store where we bought it. Repair coming 1/6/2009. After reading identical problems online, wondering if Sears won't recall, class action?

Our house could have burned! Fridge is 1 year old.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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the bulbs in that fridge are insanely hot and bright. if you dont want a problem use smaller wattage or compact flourescent.

the control board is a weak spot and will cause more trouble as time goes by. LG built that piece of junk


Another solution to this problem came from a smart guy at the home depot store, I got flourescent lights to replace the appliance bulbs. They don't get quite as bright but they work and they won't get hot if the relay fails again. :grin


We had the EXACT problem. Unfortunately our fridge was a month or so past the 1 year warranty and we were left holding the bag -- we were told we could pay for the repairs but Sears would do nothing despite numerous complaints and our ability to show that many others had this problem.

On the bright side, we are getting reimbursed for the false advertising with energy savings. Still, I really miss having a light in the fridge!


Sally, there wasn't a 120W bulb in there. They were appliance bulbs that came with the fridge...hello?


Repair came today, they are fixing the fridge, including replacing the circuit board for no charge. I belive if I had not had all the information I gathered from on line regarding this ongoing problem with these refrigerators we would have been left holding the bag (or the fridge) in this case.

The total for repairs came to over $600 and it will be fixed by Thursday. While we're not as pissed at Sears as we were this issue with these lights getting so hot needs to be resolved by Sears/Kenmore before loss of life or property is incurred if it hasn't already.


Next time, try not use a 120W bulb in the refrigerator.