We bought a brand new washer in October of 2011. Lo and behold, it broke beyond repair in November 2012, days after the expiration of the warrenty. I searched the internet for information aout the machine and found that it has a falty electronic board which is unfixable. I called Sears Customer Service on 11/12/12 to get information about replacing the machine. The Rep I spoke with, Michael, was beyound unhelpful. Insolent and rude. He reported that even though it is a Kenmore machine, Sears cannot be expected to take responsibility for selling A FAULTY MACHINE!. I asked him to repeat this just to be sure I heard him correctly. I had, as he repeated this mind-numbing fact.

Today, 11/13/12, I called the Corporate Office and spoke woth Maureen. Initally, she was very compasionate--until we came down to my major appliance failing! She said that Sears cannot afford to have their faulty applicances fixed for nothing. I said that I can't afford to make a major purchase and have it fail a matter of days after the warrenty expirezs. We reached an impass. The only offer I received was a discount on repair. Seriously?

I am not only deeply distressed by my personal situation of being heartlessly ripped off by Sears, but by all the complaints I see across the Internet made by other Sears consumers.

Bottom line: I trusted Kenmore a a brand and was made a fool of. Not even Sears trusts Kenmore.


Monetary Loss: $400.

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