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Moved into brand new home. Bought new Kenmore washer, dryer and refridgerator.

Afrer delivery washer flooded home from bad hot water valve on washer, confirmed by Sears technition. Had to have baseboards and carpet pulled and a week of fans and dehumidifiers running. Its been a week and Sears will not replace the washer. Getting the run around.

Terrible customer service, they just dont care. Getting a lawyer Monday. Dont buy from Sears you will regret it! Rude people on their all lines, disrespectful attitudes.

We have over $29,000 in damage to our home we just had built.

This company will be gone in a few years. Wish we would have went to Home Depot.

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I worked at Sears for 2 years in Central FL. As a sales person I was literally forced by the store manager to give people raw deals on guarantees.

It was an outlet (new/used items) and on the used items I was told not to mention guarantees, this way Sears would make even more money should the machines break down.

They tried to fool the people into thinking used items did not have valid guarantees. This is the price of success and the American people are paying for it.

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