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I purchased a $1,000 KENMORE (Kemore is actually made by Frigidaire actually so don't but that brand either because it's unreliable) refrigerator at SEARS just THREE yrs ago. The freezer quit freezing, I cleaned the condenser coils, had a tech come out etc. He said it has a refrigerant leak which he said is caused by poor workmanship as nothing is made to last anymore. He said he won't touch it so as not to void the 5yr warranty that even HE knows it to have. He told me, be advised their job is to NOT honor the warranty, they are gonna give you the run around etc.. and sure enough they did.

Today I spent 1 hour on the phone and talked to 3 different people and got 3 different answers and suggested resolutions, NONE of which honor your commitment to the customer. The first girl looked me up said everything was fine no problem, we set up an appt. After further thought, I call back to discuss this $70 service call fee PLUS labor they told me I was responsible for that I was initially willing to eat but hey WARRANTY should mean free. This girl then went on to tell me and transfer me to yet another person telling me that my system was NOT covered, she asked when I bought it, I said 2006, she said oh verbiage in the warranties changed around 2005 or 2006 etc,etc, etc..(how convenient) I don't care about that, I know what I see AND the same info is on-line. They spent more time trying to get me to buy service agreements that MIGHT cover services than actually addressing the issue I called about!

Sears doesn't care anything about their warranties, or the fact that I lost $250 worth of food, and that the week before Thanksgiving my children and I have no refrigerator, no food and in this economic recession, no means of replacing this costly appliance. I am upset and sick beyond measure over this.

The customer service and actual honoring of written warranties is HORRIBLE and I will NEVER buy anything -not so much as a screwdriver from Sears again. I will close my account and I will write and complain to every possible consumer and legal advocate I can because clearly that is the only satisfaction I will receive.

There are numerous complaints all over the web at consumer sites for this very same issue. One day and hopefully one day soon Sears is going to find itself on the receiving end of a Class Action Law Suit!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I have a sears warranty on my kenmore.when it was leaking water the service people from sears came out and told me my house was not level. Tried getting them to fix the problem 3 different times,same story.

We called a repaire man (not from sears) and he unclogged the drain tube in 5 min.

Now we have a new problem, not getting cold. Sears came out 2 times so far still not getting cold.I will never buy anything from sears again!


nope they don't care, same happened to me today


i have the same problem with sears. an auto manger was lying to me about my ewarranty information and he now is gettign in trouble with the sears corperate office.

always keep all documentation even if they dont honor it.

these companies get away with murder and everday consumers and average working americans pay for it. These companies driving this country into the ground and is insulting our great capitalist ways.


I purchased the extended warranty for an exercise bike, and they completely refused to honor it. If you're not going to service a product, don't offer a warranty.

This is why I generally refuse to buy a warranty. If the product is good it won't break anyway, if the product is bad they will refuse to honor the warranty. Only the manufacturer will ever honor a warranty, and only the good manufacturers that stand behind their products and make good ones to begin with (Dell, Honda and Logitech all stand behind their products).

Sears is a terrible store and should be avoided for most products that would need servicing. Sears was once a good company, but it hasn't been for a long time.


I just had the exact same problem today. Kenmore dishwasher tub started to leak.

The warrany states under the section covering lifetime warranty of the tub: "Sears will replace free of charge the tub or inner door panel." I've spent hours on the phone today getting the runaround from countless Sears folks. Their answer: I could buy the part myself for $400, or get the part for free and pay a $129 service charge + labor. What a scam! How does that equate to "will replace free of charge"??

I will never buy a Sears/Kenmore product again.

There are plenty of other companies out there with excellent customer service. Sears is definitely not one of them.


Well Frank, thanks for all of that.. A Power surge is NOT the same thing, those usually have an END to them, there is no end to a dead compressor unless it's repaired.

I've been thru several power outages and never lost any of my food because they don't typically last long enuf (at least where I live) for that to happen. And for your information I DID have an extended warranty, guess what? That was good for 3 years... and guess what, my appliance died 1 month after it expired...

3 yrs and 1 month almost to the day.. Seeing as though they seem to make everything to die right when the warranty is up now and days, then according to your logic we should never buy anything.

So you are way off base, you're just talking to be talking. Good day sir.


Everyone knows the manufactory warranties stink.Sears has nothing to do with that.That is why they offer you protection on your purchases.That being said everyone blames Sears because they chose not to protect their appliances.Call the Manufactor and they will tell you the same thing.And added your food lose to the mix is not Sears or everyones fault.That happens in powersurges everyday.Do we blame the Pwer Company for that.Sorry for your lose of food and problems but maybe next time you may considering protecting your appliances.I know I do and it has saved me money and time.