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Well just got off the phone with sears cooperate and spoke with Blu. Very helpful supposed to b mailing me a $25.00 gift card.

Original review posted by user Nov 21, 2013

I bought 2 pairs of Levi jeans for my 7 yr old son. I needed a bigger size, tags still on them.

I payed $24.99 each but lost my receipt. I called and was told it was an even exchange so no problem. I got there and the jeans were now on sale for $15.99 so I had no prob paying the difference. The manager told me I would have to take the lowest price the jeans were EVER sold.

The computer said $5.99!!! For Levi's. I asked when sears ever sold Levi's for $5.99. She said there was no way of knowing.

I said the jeans r here now for $15.99 can't I just pay the difference? She rudely said no and have me a $12.00 gift card which I have now. So sears took $38.00 from me and I have no jeans for my son. I went to writs a review and sears says before u post this negative review to give them a chance to fix the problem.

I left 3 emails and never heard from anyone. I am a single mom and just trying to buy clothes for my child.

This is pathetic what this company does to their customers and I will never shop there again. I've contacted seal investigative people to c what they can do!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Monetary Loss: $38.

  • Sears children s clothing scam
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Livonia, Michigan, United States #750066

The Sears return policy specifically states that "REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES WILL NOT BE GIVEN WITHOUT RECEIPT." You should be happy that they even offered you the opportunity for an exchange.

As far as using the lowest price, this is to mitigate the risk of people buying a pair of jeans for $5.99 and then trying to return them to get more back than they paid originally. Without a receipt there is no way for the store to know how much you actually paid.


Listen William I said I'd pay the difference assh*** so because I lose the receipt gives them the right to keep $38.00 of my money? And don't forget *** the tags r still on them so they plan on putting those jeans right back on the shelf and selling them, learn to read!!

Lexington, Virginia, United States #745517

YOU lose the receipt and this is theiir fault? It is nice that they are taking care of you but ID!0Ts like you is one reasons retailers have to raise their prices. YOU make a mistake nad assume they have to pay for it.

to William #745563

Listen *** *** just because I lost me receipt gives Sears the right to keep $38.00 of my money? And don't forget the tags r still on the jeans *** so they r going to put them right pack on the shelf for sale.

So let's see... They get $38.00 from me and resell them for $32.00???learn to read ur the *** if u think that's right!

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