Mount Hope, West Virginia
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I bought a pair of football cleats from Kmart in Oak Hill,WV. I lost the receipt and all I needed to do is exchange for the right size for my little boy to play football.

The manager there said they can't exchange without a recipe. I called corporate office and they said the same thing. Apparently this is a world wide policy, and they wonder why Wal-Mart has one up on em???? Maybe because Wal-Mart will at least Exchange!

I find it amusing that they can replace a pair of children's Levi or Lee jeans if your child wears them out before they outgrow them, but they can't exchange an item for the very same item that was paid

They're loosing more money replacing jeans that parents let kids roll around in, but they're worried about the exchange policy. Check it out, it's called the kids advantage program....

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You do NOT have to keep receipts for everything you ever bought. Just keep them until you KNOW you will not be returning them.

That's pretty easy for mot people.

Just toss them in a shoe box or the car console and clean it out occasionally. I absolutely do not blame companies for requiring a receipt, there are too many dishonest people pulling scams.

I read reports here from people who say they do dozens or returns a month. I don't think I've returned more that 10 thinks in my whole life, probably not even that many.

I think people with LOTS of returns are up to something.

There is NO excuse for not having the receipt.


I agree with the original posters remarks, I got sweater as a gift for my daughter. Wanted to exchange it but I cant without the receipt even though it still has the tags.

Most places will at least exchange the item if the tags are attached. I'll just give the sweater to salvation army or something.


Irish and Sandy, you wouldn't even begin to know what my responsibilities are and by the way all my kids were planned and by the same father. I've worked since I was 15 and I've had my own home since I was 17, worked two jobs at times to support my home and I am 32 and been with my husband for 18 years.

If that's not responsible enough, I don't know what is. Oh, and I'm not on welfare, I work for the government!

A receipt is simply the last of my worries, I make enough money to buy ten pairs if I wanted to, it's just the principal. Everyone is not out to rip of Kmart or Sears...just sayin


Honestlt who in their right mind keeps every shopping recipe they ever had that's jus rediculouse! I would have a mountain of paper here!!!


Reading the remarks above, I am guessing these individuals are not parents. They have no clue as to the responsibilities of raising a child, and that remembering to keep a receipt is the last of our worries.

You are right...kmart has a terrible exchange policy. I just exchanged a pair of shoes that were too big. I didn't have my receipt with me ( I don't keep them neatly filed away in my wallet like these other people whom apparently do!) I was lucky, because the girl working was able to look up my purchase by using my debit card.

But, if I had paid cash, I would have been out of luck. The policy is poor, especially since you are exchanging the same item of a different size.


Sears is terrible and i got a gift that i couldn't return (a damaged pair of earrings) and the person that gave it to me didn't have a receipt so basically i've got to throw them in the garbage now since they won't even give me store credit! horrible way of doing business!


Looks to me either Sears/Kmart put this compaint in to advertise there jean program, sounds like something they would do. Sears/kmart might have some good things, but the bad customer service and the way you treat people out way any good you do, your stores stink.


You are irresponsible. I bet your son was not even planned that is how irresponsible you are. If you did not have the receipt for the jeans than they would not allow you to make the exchange so that reference is a bunch of bull.


Irish-Your comment totally passed me off. "I bet your son was not even planned.

. ." What does that have to do with a *** exchange policy? An irresponsible person would've had their parents buy the cleats for their son, or made him wear the wrong size. But since you like Hume calling and putting down on people, let's play your game.

You are probably the most boring woman in the world. I bet your husband has several mistresses to compensate for just how much you make him wish for death. You probably schedule every b. j.

you've ever given him, and I'm pretty sure it's never been worth walking up the steps to the bedroom, because undoubtedly, you are the type of *** who would never consider giving it to your man while he watches a game or his fav. show. I have 5 children-none of them were planned but my husband and I had a blast making everyone of them. But I'm not always responsible, sometimes my power gets Shut off for a few min bc I forgot to pay it, but I have every reciept for every purchase made in the last year.

So wtf does that have to do with my kids not being planned? According to your Simple thought process and boring *** self, I Should have planned them since I keep reciepts.

Do yourself and esp your family a favor- losen up and keep your nasty poisonous ideals to yourself. People like you make murder understandable.


Either be responsible and keep your receipt or shop somewhere catering towards irresponsible people. There are some store that only let you exchange even with a receipt.


I bet you and Irish go way back , all the way thru grade school. I refuse to accept that there is two petty, simple b*tches with the same rude comment. If you're not irishes other personality, just exactly the same.


***...shut ur monkey *** up.

maybe if u werent playin with ur *** and *** all day, maybe you would find that *** receipt