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All Seasons Mechanical I was a contractor for sears for four years I have saw them take advantage of so many people I tried to get customers what they paid for after other contractors messed up the job completely. Now they refuse to pay me I would advise everyone to stay away from Sears compleatly.

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Get this one; Labor Ready in Albany, NY workers called the cops on the brach that started paying every week instead of every day like the sign says. We are going to change that back to daily pay in Scenectady too!

It's false advertizement to not pay each day as the sign says; "Daily work, daily pay."

But it's getting deeper still!

NOW I'm told one has to call in before the Friday they're paid to let them know to pay you for the hours you worked...ISN'T THAT WHAT WE TURN IN THE TICKETS FOR? For 4 months I've gotten paid for the days I worked there and now all of a sudden, I have to call and tell them I worked somewhere???

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