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I've been buying Sears Craftsman lawn equipment for a long time. But No More!

There is no service in my area unless you ship the equipment to Maryland! Im in Virginia. When you call service you get someone in India or someplace that you cant understand. So far I shipped my lawn mower and my backpack blower to the junk yard.

They have been replaced with Honda & Sthil. I can have them both serviced locally and speak to an American on the phone! Granted the replacement equipment is a little more money but you surely get what you pay for.

My Sears yard-vac and string trimmer are getting ready to make the trip to join their cousins! Sorry Sears, your loss not mine!

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We purchased a Craftsman mower this spring. The motor blew up after less than two months of use.

While mowing the yard, the motor seemed sluggish and my husband pushed it toward the driveway to make sure the blade was clear. He heard a pop and oil spilled out all over the driveway. My husband drove it to the store where it was purchased (with the receipt) and was told it would cost $29 to ship it to the service center. After it had been with the service team a week, we were told that we had voided the warranty because we never put oil in the mower (untrue).

My husband had taken photos of the oil and tried to speak with the service manager multiple times, only to be advised that the manager was "unavailable" (every time). Our options were to spend another $300 to repair the motor, or purchase a new mower.

The service department is either over-worked because of the faulty workmanship of their goods, or they're too *** to know what customer service and customer loyalty are. I will not make a major purchase there again.


Did they charge you to ship it away for repairs from the local Sears store? Most warranties and manuals tell to return to the nearest Sears or service center if you have any problems.

If that was under any type of warranty there should have been no charges.

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