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My husband bought me a new lawn tractor, due to the one we had was old, and he wanted one that I didn't have to use my right foot due to nerve damage and I cannot use it! This is also due to he was going to die from pancreatic cancer and did not want me to not have the money after his death!

We bought the tractor at the middle of summer 2013, in September the motor blew up, only after a fee cuts. At this time sears sent out a employee to fix it. It need a whole new motor. It was put away for winter never used after that.

Come march 11, 2014 my husband passes. Never got to the grass til June. Took the tractor out to cut and it was smoking, so I called sears they came out, and the employee from sept 2013 over flowed it with oil and had to replace another part. 2015 now this is probably my 10th cut maybe and there is another problem with it, and the motor.

Called sears spoke to Jake and he can't do anything about it, and says the warranty is up! I think it is a lemon! Need a call back from corporate in this matter! The tractor is a Craftmans.

When Calling the web line, got a employee who could not speak English ! Had to look up local store!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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