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I bought a Snapper 21 SAL Lawnmower from Sears in Eden Prairie, MN. I've had it under 2 years and it will not start.

I called Sears and their manager told me over the phone the warranty will not cover this. I asked how you can diagnose what is wrong with the mower over the phone? Terrible customer service from Sears, not surprising this Company is a shell of it's former self.

DO NOT BUY ANY APPLIANCES FROM SEARS, once they sell you the appliance they walk away from all obligations.

This mower cost me over $340 and the person who sold me this piece of *** said it was the best mower for the price. If that's true, that's frightening.

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The point, if you actually read the review, was that they told me over the phone they would not cover even though it was under warranty. He diagnosed over the phone what the problem was because he said that 99% of the time it's the fuel.

Guess what?

I brought it into Beiswenger's repair and it was faulty wiring, which was covered. You're an ***, stay off these boards.


This is a trick, right? You are complaining about Sears not doing, what?

Fixing your mower over the phone or just coming out to service it for the heck of it, free of charge? I am sure if you called Sears and told them to schedule someone to come out and look at and then repair your mower, they would do so. They are not going to do anything for you under warrant, because the warranty has expired. Really do not understand what you are complaining about.

Machines break and your mower "won't start." That could be the result of many things, all of which I am sure Sears would figure out, for a price, if you want them to. Or, do as I do and never, ever buy anything from Sears.

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