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I went through about the same thing with a Sears lawnmower. It just happened to be a "lemon" and I made complaints, took it back 4 times for repairs.

It never did work. I complained to several managers, too. Even the district manager and their main office. It was under warranty when I first took it in but after 12 weeks of back and forth to the repair shop, the shop wanted to charge me.

I said it was under warranty when I first brought it in for repairs. It had not been repaired. The store manager called the main office and he looked up on his computer and saw how things had gone. Not only that, I lived in a small town and I had to drive 45 miles each way to a Sears repair shop.

The lawnmower was never repaired, they would not replace it, and I ended up with a credit card bill for a product that never worked. By then the grass was so high I had to hire someone to come and mow it. Another expense.

He continued to do the lawn care until I moved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Friend, I am sorry that you had a lot of problems with your lawnmower. If I were you, I would bring that mower into the SEARS show room and tell people not to buy CRAFTSMAN brand lawn equipment.

That SEARS could careless about the way they treat the customers. Do that for a while and a manger will come out on the sales floor. Then, you can tell him how much you are ticked off about your lawnmower that you just bought. After some talk, they will more than likely give in and give you store credit or replace the faulty lawnmower at once.

Just to get a ticked off customer out of their sales floor. By the way, bring the reciept with you.

I did that at SEARS with a pos rocking chair that was leaking oil and *** all over the place. And also a vacuum that never worked right. The Store gave us about $200 to get out of their store.

I voiced myself to all the customers that were in the furniture department. We even told the associatess not to put that chair on the carpet because the stain will never come out.

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