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I simply wanted to put an item on layaway from My first attempt at it, I tried to set up a profile and the webpage was extremely cumbersome.

I finally got to the product after almost pulling out my hair. It rejected my initial payment due to incorrect card number even after checking the right number multiple times. I gave up. I tried a third time with similar webpage issues.

I gave up then. *** me tried a fourth time with what I thought was success. I set up the profile, made a payment... but then received an email saying that I need to contact customer service.

They wanted me to spend ten minutes on the phone asking me various security questions. How many questions do you need to ask me? Layaway number, card number, security number, phone number, middle initial, on and on. I then received another email saying the store that I chose to pick up the product was closing but once it reopened, they would get it and put in on layaway.

I didn't think anything of it until I tried to make my next layaway payment. There was no option in my online to make another payment. After spending an hour on the phone with, they gave me a reference number. I finally called the store and they said they don't have my item on layaway.

I am now waiting for a call back.

This is bad business. I suspect sears will be out of business eventually. You should make it easy as possible.

You need to balance security with customer service. I get you need security but when it starts to turn customers away, then it has gone to far. Also, test your own process as a customer, you will be surprised at how difficult it is. After this, I will never return to sears unless they make this all go away.

You have to make it right and make it easy.

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