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Went to Sears on 05/25/2014 to use the why not lease it program for a new TV since my TV just went out on me. Went into the store located in Carson CA did the application with a sales rep and per her computer it said more information was needed to call the number listed.

Once I was on the phone with customer service rep I was told that I was not approved and when I asked for further information as to why I was not approved she then laughed in my face and stated that if I'm not approved then that's just it and I'm not approved!!! Now how unprofessional is that!!! Which I never received an answer to why I was not approved, which I have been approved before.

I will never use this service again and it left a bad taste in my mouth to go to Sears for anything at all. I highly recommend not to use Sears or it's unprofessional services.

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Sears Response

We're disappointed to hear about your upsetting experience. Unfortunately, at the time you could not have been provided with that information because our employees are not provided with the reason why credit decisions are made.

However, he/she should have advised you about the letter you will be receiving -- at the address you provided -- that will include all the details concerning the reason the credit decision.

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please contact our customer service line. Thanks.

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