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I am so pissed at right now. I am never ordering anything from this company again.

I am left without a Christmas gift for someone because this company does not have their *** together. I got an email 7 days ago saying my item was shipped yet no one knows where it is. The customer services people kept telling me it was shipped and I said no it wasn't according to the tracking info, I called UPS and they received billing info but not the actual package. When I called Sears back I actually had a customer service agent tell me "to not give up hope and she had a good feeling I would have it by the 24th".

I then called back to see what someone else would tell me and they said my order hadn't even been fullfilled yet. When I finally spoke with a manager he said the package is ready to be shipped. Since I didn't trust this manager because everyone at Sears lies, I called back today and spoke with another manager who said it hasn't been fullfilled and no one can tell me when it will be. But she will remove my $6.95 shipping fee because that totally makes up for me not having a Christmas gift for someone!!

So needless to say, I sit here knowing nothing about my package and am helpless.

Sears has ruined my holiday spirit for today and $6.95 will not make it better!! *** Sears!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #749787

I ordered something on line and they sent it to another STATE by mistake and I tried to tell them 5 minutes after I ordered it and no one would do anything.

It went to the other state and they tried to charge me of the merchandise anyway.

We never even SAW the package or merchandise and they wanted us to pay for it.

We got confirmation from a friend that the package had been taken back to the Sears store in the city where it was delivered. I think they knew they were had at this point as we could prove the package had been taken back. We finally, after several months got the credit for that merchandise. I think, at the end of the day they will only do the right thing if they are afraid you will retaliate legally. Otherwise they feel you can't afford legal representation and so they can do as they wish.


Thankfully they did refund my money and shipping. They also told me they are sending me a gift card too but I am not holding my breathe. Angela, good luck with your claim!!


Same exact problem here, only it was a good chunk of my kids' Christmas gifts! I got the total run around too and excuses on why they couldn't cancel my order and return my money.

Same as with you, told me it shipped but the only thing UPS has is billing info. So, I filed a complaint with the BBB and a dispute with my credit card.

I have everything in writing though (use email) so I've got them telling me their lies in writing...repeatedly! Interestingly enough, they were supposed to respond to the BBB complaint on the 4th and failed to do that too.


Exactly the same problem as you


Sears is not what it use to be. I've had multiple problems with online store as well as the store in the Mall.

I just stopped going.

They hired lower payed workers with less experience and gave them no power to correct anything. Sears will not be in business much longer.


Gotta love the Blue Rip-off Crew!

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