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My tv is a lemon it's been worked on 3 times in 2 years ... It's under warranty ...

We just had a baby and it's are only tv upstairs in are bedroom where all the babies things are... I went to turn it on last night and it blew ... Won't turn on... So I call the idiots at the warranty place ...

After calling 4 different times of being hung up on by guys that couldn't understand a simple address because they hardly speak English ... Cheap labor from India .. I finally got an appt. for 2 weeks out 2 weeks?

Then ill have to wait another week for the part to be mailed and 2 more weeks for the guy to come back ... I'm sickened by these people I hate sears and will never use these worthless piece of un American *** ever again

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Have your television issues been taken care of properly?

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