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We went to a local Sears Mattress Store this past weekend, and the staff was great, but oh boy, I am NOT happy. We purchased a set on Sunday June 17 and we were told delivery would be Thursday June 21, this was perfect as we needed it for the weekend.

On Wednesday the 20th we got the promised call confirming delivery time for the next day. This morning we get up extra early to remove the old mattress set before we leave for work, to be ready when they show up between 5-7 pm tonite. This morning we get no less than 4 phone calls (2 "live" people and 2 recordings) changing the delivery day two different times, once to Saturday (which was annoying but I wasnt going to complain) then they call back to tell me it will be the 28th, then proceed to explain further that they want to deliver the box spring on the 23 an the mattress on the 28th. NOW its not being delivered until almost 2 weeks after we ordered the set.

Don't tell me 4 days and have it turn into 11. I really have no hope it will actually show up on the 28th and now that I'm reading some other reviews I'm even more afraid we are going to end up with a $1200 dollar pile of ***.

I might have been ok if they had initially told me that it would be almost 2 weeks, but for them to delay it AFTER confirming delivery time AND want to deliver in parts is just unacceptable. You can bet I will telling everyone I know that #1 they lie to get you to give them your money and #2 Do not care about the inconvenience they want to cause people who work hard to have the money to pay them in the first place by arranging multiple delivery windows, and to stay as far away from them as possible.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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