I bought a pool table at sears with the help of a sales associate. The price said $250 and the tag read "everything needed to play".

Before purchasing it, I asked what it included and why was it so cheap. The sales associate said it was on sale because it was last year's model, and it came with the table top, legs, ping pong table top, balls, sticks, and overhead lights. I paid cash and was told I could pick it up in a few days at the warehouse. Friday came, and I drove to the warehouse to pick up my pool table in a truck that I borrowed.

When I got to the warehouse, I was told only one box came in, so I would have to go back to the store to find out what was going on. I drive to the store, talk to many different people to try and find out what the problem is, and am finally told that they would deliver it free of charge the following Tuesday. When Tuesday finally came, the truck showed up carrying only the legs to the table. I refused the delivery, called the store to inform them of what happened, and waited several hours (most of the day, in fact) before heading back to Sears.

When I got there I spoke to the same person that answered the phone when I called. He informed me that after doing some investigating on what seemed to be the problem, he took the price tag and description off of the display that was advertising the pool table because it was incorrect and I in fact only purchased the legs. I then told him I wanted my money back because I was tired of dealing with their mistake. The store manager then came to talk to me and explain that they would be printing out a check for me and mailing it to my address whenever they get a chance, and she couldn't give me an estimated delivery date.

I explained that I paid cash, never possessed any merchandise, and want nothing more than my cash back immediately. The entire time she spoke to me she had an attitude, she was rude, and she guaranteed I will NEVER shop at Sears again, I will be picketing on Black Friday to let others know how Sears steals peoples' money, and I will continue to tell this story to anyone who will listen until I get my money back that they owe me and either an apology from the rude store manager Sandra Johnson, the pool table I tried to purchase, or the interest accrued on the money they have had in their possession that rightfully belongs to me.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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