Clayton, Delaware

I have a sears washer that is just out of warranty, and unfortunately broke. Set-up an appointment with an 8-12 AM window for the repairman to show-up (took off a full day from work).

No one ever came. Called customer service at 1:00 after 20 minutes on hold the rep came back to tell me that there were no repairmen available in my area that day. I explained to her that sears had set this appointment up, and asked why no one had called to let me know. She said that she wasn't sure , but could reschedule the appointment for me.

I asked to speak to a manager, she said one was ot available, and that no discounts could be offered at this time as compensation for my "inconvienience" I declined to reschedule, and an hour after all of this transpired a customer service rep called to tell me that my appointment was cancelled for that day, and would I please call to reschedule my appointment.

I will never use sears for repairs again.

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