Purchased a washer & dryer from Sears in January and for 3-4 months everything was fine. Then the nightmare begins.

I have spent more time on the phone with them and taken more days off of work to wait on a technician to come out. First time the technician came out and fixed the problem and said there was a design flaw with the specific model and we should try and get a new one. Second time they scheduled it (under the wrong name and model) then called and said the technician was sick so they would have to reschedule (again had taken half a day off work). Later that evening a technician showed up out of the blue, he had all the wrong information, name, phone number, model number etc.

But because the service ticket was not correct he could not do anything. About 3 days later another technician showed up (another half day off of work) and said that there was a firmware update due to the design flaw. Now the washer has been working ok (other than the grinding noise it makes when they cycle starts up) but wait went to turn it back on and low and behold the unit wont power up and the door is locked.

My wife and I have collectively been on the phone with Sears for over 3 hours and no one can seem to help us out. Problem with this is not that the service date is for next week but the fact that we have cloths in the washer and by waiting for a week the cloths will probably spoil.

So I am trying to get someone to give me some help on getting the washer opened so that we do not have to replace all of the cloths in there. Again, customer service tells me there is nothing that can be done till next week.

If I try to open it myself the warranty will be voided. So do I let $1,000 -$2,000 worth of cloths spoil or do I open it myself.

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