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Trusting the Sears name, I hired Sears Lorton VA to clean my household duct work. The techinicians arrived wearing doo rags and looked unprofessional. The lead technician, who was dressed normally, had the work order on Sears letterhead, so I let them all in. They trampled in dirt, they left dust and dirt on my carpeting, then they tried to hussle me into more services to clean up the mess they made. But when they broke the joint on my duct work, I began demanding their credentials.

One technician told me they really work for Cyprus Air of Alexandria, VA -- a company I had heard so many troubling reports about, I had made a point not to hire -- and that the owners of Cyprus Air acquired the Sears franchise name in Lorton, VA to capture cusomers who trust the Sears name!

When I demanded repair of my duct work, someone name Brooke, who first said she would have to ask her "boss" if it could be done, then later said Sears Lorton, VA had no responsibility to fix it, and that her "boss" said no. Then when I pressed to speak to the boss, I learned that Brooke is the owner! Apparently she is also an owner of Cyprus Air in Alexandria, VA.

I lost hundreds of dollars, as I had paid before the work began, and then had been dragged through WEEKS of chasing down the elusive Brooke or her "boss," thinking that the matter and Sears good name would be remedied. They wore me down, which is their modus operandi.

The entire Sears Lorton VA franchise is a scam!

I hired the reputable Cropp Metcalf to fix the duct joint and complete a thorough cleaning.

I will never trust the sears name again.

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Wow, I had the same experience with Sears Home Services, Lorton, VA.To make a long story short, January 2017, Three technicians?

showed up at my house to clean my air duct as scheduled for $99 as advertised. However, once in my home the lead technician claimed to find some much wrong (mold etc.) but my system was only a few years old. Bottom line, $99 turned in over $2k.

I thought that this was an outrageous amount...I've called and spoken to so many people including a rep from the quality control unit...ultimately, they said that they cannot help me, so I'm stuck with this charge.This is such a scam and ripoff.

to Anonymous Fort Washington, Maryland, United States #1288612

The company's real name is Global Express Inc.who contracts with Sears, Roebuck & Company.

What is very deceptive about this is Sears, Roebuck & Company has a division named Sears Home Services which that specializes in appliance repair, lawn and garden services, HVAC service, as well as most in home services but is not associated by any means with the Sears Home Services in Lorton, Va which is really Global Express Inc.

Coming from a former employee don't use they intentionally scam people out of there money and are directed by their superiors not to escalate calls there a total scam.The reason why I quit.

Falls Church, Virginia, United States #1214489

I agreed services is bad


That is not at all true I work for sears home services and we are not in any way associated with Cyprus air they actually have their own shop in the same business complex their trucks are marked with their company name not sears

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #958353

I was in the process of selling my home and my realtor recommended I use Sears.They were running a special on cleaning air ducts for $149.

When the technician arrived there were many additional charges and the total amount was $1,350. After I paid $1,350, an inspection determined that the blower motor, exhaust fan and a vent had not been cleaned at all. I have left numerous messages and spoken with Christopher, Omar, Mickey and Tia. Each of them have committed to having a "management person" call me within 24 hours.

I have never spoken to a member of management. After two days I call them back and hear "it's not my department, I do not handle complaints, I cannot authorize a refund of the work that wasn't completed" I have gotten no resolution, just empty promises that someone from customer service will call. It has been over 45 days and I have contacted the Better Business Bureau.

Shame on you SEARS, terrible bait and switch tactics.I no longer TRUST you as a company or a provider of services.

Lorton, Virginia, United States #640977

I too have encountered a problem with Sears Home Services of Lorton, VA.I was overcharged $120.00, my air ducts are still not clean, they left the dirt and dust from the vents for me to clean up, and one of the technicians that I allowed to use my restroom left *** in the toilet and and the seat; again which I was left to clean.

I having been trying to no avail to get a refund. I even contacted Sears Holding Corporation in Chicago, but all I am told is that they cannot help me and that I must contact the Home Improvement division. I have been getting the run around from the Home Improvement division. From QA managers that are never in the office and do not return phone calls.

To Brooke Demetry that pretended to be a staffer and have her manager "Bruno" contact me.I will not do business with Sears again.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #608725

I live in MD and had the same bad experience.They broke my HVAC so I contacted Sears HQ.

Their attorneys said Sears Home Services of Lorton, VA is a franchise owned by Global Express, Inc. The Demetriou family owns Global Express, Inc. The Sears attorney said all legal matters should be addressed to the Demetrious. It is awful.

I'm working with Congressman Van Hollen's office and looking into it through other federal agencies.

Stay away from Sears Home Services.Do NOT fall for the $99 air duct cleaning ads put out by Sears Homes Services in the EXPRESS paper.


FALS CLAIMS/FALSE STATEMENTS: The remarks above are false, Sears has identified this review as slanderous. We ask that PISSEDCONSUMER remove the fraudulent claim.


Global Express which runs Sears Home Services in Lorton VA is owned by Petros and Brooke Demetriou. They live at 4511 Carlby Lane in Alexandria VA in a nice house on the river compliments of all of the people they rip off. They are playing a dangerous game.





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