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My family have bought appliances from Sears for many years. My father stopped a few years back because of a quality issue with them and I should have listened to him.

I trusted the Kenmore brand and bought a gas range for my new house a year and 10 months ago (it had a year warranty, I didnt buy extended warranty because i trusted it would not leak gas and after one year). Last weekend, we came to find out that it was leaking gas (in my home with two little children) and who knows how long it had been leaking. We called to get someone sent out. We waited all day and when the person showed, it was for a microwave problem????

I didnt have a problem with that, so he couldn't help us. We had to wait two more days for someone to come back out and tell us what was wrong with our range. When the serviceman told us that, yes we did have a leak, he then proceeded to tell us that we had to call Sears the next day to see what can be done. What???

Since then, my husband has been on the phone, everyday, sometimes being put on hold for an hour or longer, with no resolution in sight. It has now almost been a week since our first call. I have no way to cook dinner for my family, my husband has been lied to by multiple people, and I still dont have a freaking quote to fix my range!!!! Yesterday he spoke with Adrian in Customer resolution who told him that they were going to get our machine out for us as soon as possible and take care of us, but today, Linda from customer resolution told us that Adrian was a liar (and yes, my husband asked if she was calling him a liar, she confirmed that she was) and they couldn't do what he said they would do.

What kind of company are you people running??? They keep trying to tell us we have to buy a protection plan. I WANT MY STOVE FIXED!!!!! I DONT WANT A PROTECTION PLAN!!!!!

A week we have had to deal with this BS of a run around and still no freaking quote. I work in retail. The big thing you understand in retail is one unhappy customer tells ten more about the situation, then those ten tell ten more about the situation, and so on. Well Sears, here it is.

I am going to spread the word like you would never believe possible.

My husband has had to take hours away from his job dealing with you people and we still have nothing to show for it. A gas leak can kill people, do you get that???? Your appliances cant even hold up for a full two years???

We will never buy Sears again. EVER AGAIN!!! And neither will everyone I plan on telling.

Lowe's has better products, better servce, better quality.

Everyone needs to go shop there. Sears, you will go out of business because of your *** products and your even worse customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I would also contact your state attorney for putting your children at risk for illness or worse.

What they did was cross the line this time. I would absolutely sue.

Good luck......


Unbelievable! Sounds like you need a full-blown lawyer just to get your gas range serviced.

Maybe the thing to do is to find somebody that can fix it so you can at least mitigate the damages.

Then maybe you could submit the bill to Sears and try to get them to pay. Or go to small claims court to get them to pay.

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