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I used to think most online rants were by people who had one off bad experiences, former employees, and others who like to gripe and complain. However, after four rather large purchases in just over a year.

things are different. The first of these was about a year ago and started out as expected. Needing a lawn mower and running a little short on cash I decided to check into their financing when I was asked, although I don't generally finance such things. Anyway, I said yes when asked about applying for Sears/Citi credit on a $1300 mower.

To the clerk's but not my surprise it was approved and I was now the owner of a brand new Craftsman riding mower and $11,700 extra room on the credit extended by Sears and Citi with no interest for a year. Two months later I had replaced both mandrels on the mower at my own expense, not because I was turned down but me thinking since I had sort of tall grass when i first got the mower, maybe that was the cause of quick trouble to the deck of the mower. About the same time, I was hit for some kind of finance charge that was resolved easily enough and six months or so later, had replaced three more mandrels and paid off the mower. After some discussion between my wife and I, although we knew no mower would be bought by us from Sears, we decided there was no reason to count them off the list when we were looking for a new fridge and mattress/box springs.

In the end we ended up buying both plus a dish washer a little over a month ago. This time though, things were not as smooth from the beginning. There were fliers on every bed touting two free pillows with the purchase of one of the higher end Sealy mattresses similar to this offer: "Receive FREE Double Zone pillows with the purchase of qualifying Sealy mattress sets Sold by Sears Offer ends 06-Jul-2013", except even though our purchase was in May, we found out later, this offer ended in February! We then moved on to the Kenmore Elite fridge where we were impressed by the bottom freezer, Kenmore connect self diagnosing, and overall design.

My wife by then had spotted a matching dish washer. I was bothered by the 3 month old fliers for the pillows so told the woman there was no way I was buying 4 or 5 thousand dollars worth of product at once without the free pillows. Her "boss" eventually said OK to the pillows but she would have to order them and the mattress set since they didn't stock king size, so we made the purchase and got an extended warranty on the fridge. 20 - 30 minutes later, after they had to call in someone to help me load the refrigerator and dish washer, came the next bother when I had BUY some string to tie them in the truck.

A week later the tray of the ice-maker had cracked oddly enough and we called and the agent told us it was easy enough to change our self so she was sending the part. It came and after some effort and several tools to remove the old ice-maker, discovered it was the wrong part! The next phone call to Sears support line was not so easy, in that it took no less than six people to try and figure why WE had ordered the wrong part. It was hours later when I got a call back to say that our "case" had been escalated and we would now resolve this issue quickly and our repair would be done by a technician on Wednesday.

Thursday i received another call to say our new part should arrive on Friday and a tech could come the following Tuesday or Thursday. Well, better late than never. In the mean time, about 2 weeks after the purchase, I got a call from the actual store where we bought saying they had only ordered and charged me for one box spring and to their surprise our king size mattress needed two. So $200 and another week later, i should have my new bed delivered for free.

So Thursday and Friday pass and no bed. Saturday they say oh no it will be the following Thursday morning, there must have been a misunderstanding. ( At least with all this trouble and my glass half full attitude, we surely were about done). NO!

Next, I get a call saying the delivery would need to be after 5 p.m. since they had another in my area, would that be alright. Yeah, sure, why not, I made arrangements to have someone there and it was delivered with a small twin pack of pillows for our new king size bed. Friday brought the other ice-maker part which is the same as the first wrong part.

Saturday, now Sunday brings me to looking for a manual for my new refrigerator only to find Sears support site saying perhaps I should search for my model number in the parts search because my multiple searches for model number shows no results. In frustration I open a new tab and Google to find several sites and laugh. After at least five more tries to find my manual though, I still had this tab open and type this. So with 4 rather large purchases, I have had at least twice that many problems and half that many are being used.

By the way the year old mower sets in the back yard while we mow with another one bought since then. We installed the dish washer the same day as we bought it though and (fingers crossed) has worked fine.

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