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Hi Sears,

It appears that you're trying to address issues with your customer service so I thought you might want to read my story.

A few months ago, I took a part time job with Sears in the Meriden, CT mall. My two weeks there was the worst employement experience I've ever had - and I've been employed by retailers before (Wal-Mart, Big Y, Stop & Shop).

The first day I showed-up for shift, there was no one in HR to help me sign-onto the computer for the online training. I had to ask an associate how to do it. As I found-out later, they couldn't have helped me too much because my username and password hadn't been setup.

Every morning, the store manager would have a meeting on the sales floor. During those meetings, he would read-off the previous day's profit & loss numbers. He would point-out the department employees who had not met or exceeded his expectations and he would publically tell those employees that they would have to quote "go work at JCPenney" if they didn't "Do the right thing". The right thing, meaning, getting more customers to sign up for Shop your Way Rewards or the Sears Credit Cards.

I remember, one morning, that the manager publically applauded an employee who had raised his percentage of Shop Your Way. He also said to the tune of "Wow, it was great that you and I had that performance review, right?! Sometimes that's what it takes". As if everyone needed to know that the employee had a performance review. No one's business!!!

The assistant store manager was no better. I was still undergoing cashier training when he called my station and asked me to ring by myself because they were short-staffed. I said NO! I didn't want to be responsible for loads of cash without having the proper register training. Although I had previous retail experience, I did not know yet how to performance exchanges, returns, etc. You know what your assistant manager said to me? "loud sigh - JESUS CHRIST", hang up.

I can't believe that you employ people like this in your management team. How can you ever expect your associates to succeed with "inspiration" such as this?

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I worked at the winter park call center in winter park, florida. the call center is horrible and the management is unethical disturbing and made up of 20 something year old immature jerks and really messed up people.

these rude immature jerks do not warn employees about their performances, give wrong information and jeopardize people's jobs and I lost mine because of an incompetent manager chris. the managers also took me aside to interrogate harass and terrorize bully me for no reason and treat me like a criminal when I was a good honest decent employee, and they reward loud obnoxious crazy rude people there. if you are not fat ugly dumb ghetto you don't fit in there, and if you are not like these people they bully you. I was bullied on several occasions by incompetent sick managers, and nothing was done about their actions and lack of informing employees about their performance.

as a result of their incomptency I was terminated. also someone told me that these male managers are sleeping around with half the women there and they are married with kids!!

someone told me "That whole place is an orgy." why would someone say that??? this place is terrible...beware of it...sears sucks...worst place and worst management...


I know exactly what you mean! Yesterday was the first time I had to open the store and attend the meeting.

This was my first job as a cashier and nobody told me how to open, so I was pretty clueless. Afterwards, at the meeting everyone gathered around at the lawn and garden section and took a seat at one of the tables. So I sat down at a table and as the meeting began I noticed everyone was giving me dirty looks and I had no idea why. Then I hear someone whisper, "why is that girl sitting there?" It turns out that there is a 'special' table that only the head store manager is able to sit at.

So since no one warned me about this, I sat through the whole meeting getting dirty glares from practically everyone that was there including the store manager and feeling completely ***.

Also, the store manager called everyone out who had received a bad review from customers the day before, which I think is very unprofessional. That is personal information that doesn't need to be said aloud to all of the employees.


Sears management has been treated like corporate trash and been acting like corporate trash for years now. The last of the professional Sears managers were gone by early this century.

Then after the Kmart hedgefund manager bought them out in 2005(how Sears got leveraged I'm still trying to figure out) Sears management have been ignorant corporate bullies enforcing contrived policy to make people quit and service the customer.

Sears policies make conditions at Walmart look like a girl scout picnic on a Sunday afternoon.

Sears should be the example for unionization and not Walmart.


Sebring Florida store manager is very rude and an unprofessional person. Supposedly watching the cameras and then coming out to me with a manager and bassically calling me a liar for not asking a customer for shop your way or credit app., but if the so called smart person looked at their cameras a few minutes before, they would have seen it was done on their first purchase. I am so glad I am not ***!!!


Also I can't believe people would employ you in the first place. You are not willing to do what is asked, no wonder you were fired from Walmart and Big Y and Stop and Shop.


Oh quit whining and complaining like a little kid. If you had done your job properly you won't have problems.


yes everything you said is true they are real bastards and go threw managers like water its a miserable place to work with miserable people who have to work there for low pay never a raise or any benefits and forget calling 88 sears to help you that helps get you fired quicker hope someone finds out how the are and investigates good luck


I to have had problems with employment at sears and I agree with your stores 100 % the morning meeting are embarrassing the mangers will rip on employees who made mistakes or didn't reach the percentage of credit apps or sign ups for shop your way rewards. I'm sorry but that stuff should be private.

They push us to hard to bug customers for credit apps and sign ups.

I see that all it does is fusturate customers. They are way to focused on numbers when they should be on product and customer service.