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My husband picked out his wedding ring last November 2013 at our local Sears. We were told that the tungsten carbide ring would not break or scratch!

We were excited because my husband works in construction and would need a ring like that. It is now September 2014 and my husband's ring has broke and has a chunk out of it. I contacted Sears with my order number assuming there be no problem to replace his rings saying that it was Sears. I have purchased many items through Sears without any thought of being taken advantage of.

Once contacting them they told me that the ring only had 30 days to be returned. I could understand if I was wanting to return the ring but I'm wanting to replace a broken item I purchased less than a year ago from Sears this is a big store! I am now on hold waiting for the third manager to speak to in customer service at 120 time being told they could not speak to me if I was going to record the conversation. I told them I would not record the conversation but I would go ahead and what social medias know what's going on with their great stores Sears.

Last April 2013 the portrait studio for Sears bankrupt who actually was owned by CPI a third party that regardless Sears allowed their customers to associate with Sears policies. I am afraid Sears is on its last l ed now cheating their customers out of any money they can.

I am very disappointed and will continue to inform consumers of the poor service I received when purchasing something as important as a wedding ring and it breaking in less than a year and being turned away for any replacement! I spoke to Lucy in customer service employee ID 825117 she was very rude and very unhelpful made Sears look and sound like a hoax and not a true American Store!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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