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I wrote and submitted a negative review about a Sears Marketplace merchant on their website, and I got the following response:

"Oops, there's a small issue with your review.

Your review wasn't approved.Please just review the product and its features. If you have other concerns, use the 'Feedback' link at the top of every page.. Please revise and resubmit so the world can hear your tale."

My review simply stated the facts around my software purchase from the merchant, only included politically correct wording (e.g. no abusive or foul language), and didn't take any cheap shots at the seller. This rejection note gives very few if any clues on how to get a review about Sears Marketplace seller published on

Sears apparently wants to protect their bottom line by shielding their sellers rather than allowing their customers to make informed decisions about doing business with Sears Marketplace sellers. (This statement is perhaps a cheap shot but I am really frustrated with a company that was a mainstay of my childhood).

The bottom line is that you really need to exercise caution about purchasing from Sears Marketplace merchants since the feedback process isn't transparent like Amazon and similar companies with third party sellers.

Monetary Loss: $212.

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  • Oops
  • there s a small issue with your re
  • Your review wasn t approved
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Yep, same here with (Sears Canada)

They don't like to publish negative reviews.

I posted mine a few times before it got published, I received an e-mail saying my review is live and I confirmed this. A few days later, I went back and found that the review was gone.

Another reviewer did manage to get a somewhat negative review published on this item, however I was very negative in mine because it's a horrible product quality-wise.

Sears does not want its customers to know about this fact.

Here is the review that was published by Sears Canada and then removed shortly after:

Poor Quality The sheets softened up some after a wash, but are still pretty rough after three washings. Sometimes people say Egyptian cotton will soften up with washings, but that's just a way to discourage you from returning the product. I no longer buy from Sears website or catalogue - in my experience, too many merchants are using it as a place to dump stuff that wouldn't sell in the store. One pass of your hand on this fabric and you know it's no good.

I was too busy to return these sheets within the one month they give you as a reward for paying cash (store card users get three months). As another reviewer mentioned, they did shrink a lot even though I dried them on the lowest heat setting, however they still almost fit my pillow top mattress though not very well due to the shrinkage. They do not appear to be sateen as advertised, and the thread count is questionable - very grainy.

The fabric already has some pills, and the pillowcase is starting to come apart at the seams.


I purchased auto seat covers from Unique Imports at Sears Marketplace. I returned them and then spoke with a Mr.

David Azzizi at Unique Imports and was told I would have to pay $10 delivery fee to get it reshipped. Since them when I identify myself he hangs up. If I immediately call back he will not answer or hangs up. On one occasion immediately after I called him I complained Sears and the lady at Sears called him twice and he hung up on her each time.

She said there was nothing she could do. It is a shame that unscrupulous people like this are allow to do business under the auspices of Sears with no recourse for the consumer.

I guess mr. Azzizi will get to keep my $26.