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Sears marketplace seller ivgStores is a total ripoff and Sears is not backing up my refund. Plus, Sears has blocked my ability to leave a negative review for this marketplace seller. It's also blocked my ability to review the product and try to warn other shoppers that way.

This ivgStores seller lists items as having free shipping, and having no restocking fee if you return the item. The only thing is, if you do return an item, you are required to pay the initial shipping to you, which they claim was $10 for a $30 window film. Plus, I had to pay the return shipping.

So, free shipping unless you return the item, then they deduct 30% for the initial shipping, which was free - but there's no restocking charge! If it walks like a restocking fee and it is deducted like a restocking fee, then guess what!

I've waited over a month for my refund and still don't have it. Sears has acknowledged that the item was returned, but I paid with a gift card. And guess what? If you pay with a gift card, you have to wait 7 - 10 BUSINESS days to get a new gift card. Even an e-gift card, which is what mine was. So, they acknowledge the item was returned, and you get to wait another 2 weeks.

And the scandalous thing is, nobody can believe any of the reviews on their site, because they block any negative reviews.

I had quit shopping at Sears a long time ago, and only ordered this window film from them because I had a gift card. When they do finally reimburse the $20 left of the initial $30, I will shop in store, and hope I NEVER get another Sears gift card again.

And don't get me started on their Shop Your Way joke. Wow! 2000 points! And they're worth a whopping 20 cents!

Nope. I won't miss Sears. It can't die fast enough for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Claim.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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