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My Sears store card was converted to a Sears Mastercard without prior permission from me or proper notification. The issue is that they also without my permission sent a Mastercard to my son that was linked to my Sears card and ss#.

At one time I had asked Sears to allow him to charge an auto repair, his car broke down on his way back to school. At that time I told them I didn't want them to send him a card with his name. I found $2900 in charges on my statement and when I called them they told me they had sent a card to my son and he made the charges. I called him and he said because it was a Mastercard he didn't even think it was linked to me or my Sears card.

Sears told me to file a fraud claim; my son didn't commit fraud, he thought the card was his, after all they sent it to him. I didn't commit fraud because I never asked for the MasterCard in the first place. The only fraud is with Sears deceptive practices. All I want is a credit for the $2900 that was put on my card.

My son can't afford to pay it all at once and I certainly can't.

Oh, btw their interest rate is 25%. Please help

This person wrote the review because of problems with payment of sears credit card from Sears. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Sears to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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