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Our dryer broke for the second time during the first week of September. We couldn't get a technician out to repair for a week.

When the first technician arrived, he repaired the dryer but broke and master board when putting it back together. I was told I had to wait an additional week for the part to arrive. When the repair date arrived, a second technician arrived (employee number 0114793) (after waiting four hours) and refused to enter my home unless I signed a damage waiver. I asked him to cover his shoes with slip on shoe covers, which every Sears technician has worn when entering the house.

He refused to provide his name and left. I was able to get his employee number from Customer Solutions. Now I have to wait an additional two weeks for a repair date. Sears, customer solutions department was not able to get me an earlier date.

I will be one month without a dryer... I paid a hefty premium for non-service and arrogant service providers. This is a waste of money and I will not renew. This employee #0114793 should be reprimanded for his poor attitude and behavior.

If he doesn’t want to work at Sears, he should leave. Frank Catalano Case #5255400

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Dryer Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Sears Cons: No support - does not stand behind what they sell, Lack of communication on status, Rude staff, Complete disregard for customer, Given the run around over and over.

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OK it been some time since i last posted-- Our Holiday was a bust we had NO microwave / Oven nothing just broken promises Now they say I have a difference service contort they all the other that are in my house ??? So they are tell me there going to ...See MoreManageLike · Reply · 17hView previous repliesSears Home ServicesSears Home Services Hello Johnathan, I am taking another look into this for you.

Please refer to your private messages within the next few minutes and I will send the latest update I have. Thank you ^CSManageLike · Reply · 17hView more repliesJonathan C JablonsWrite a reply...Jonathan C JablonsJonathan C Jablons Sears is known for making there calls go to the Philippines - They seem not to have an AMERICAN phone number to call they all get routed to the Philippines - Tell me how is $500 dollars going to buy and install for this BS token- I was told it would re...See MoreManageLike · Reply · 16hJonathan C JablonsJonathan C Jablons You all made me wait 3 months Treated me like yesterday’s garbage-- You all think that the way to treat someone- YOU all dropped the ball and your make me pay forcing me to pay 500 dollars for YOUR mistake-- I had to be without my Microwave / Oven for Months and now you want me to pay - What kind of scram are you running--ManageLike · Reply · 15hJonathan C JablonsJonathan C Jablons This was NEVER explained to me ever- _ always bought the service over the phone I always bought Sears contract over the phone and trusted what I was told- Now I see I was slammed and lied to- has any one called GE and ask why you can't fix there Microwave / Oven combination- and now yo're forcing me to buy a new Microwave / Oven combination- because you can't fix the unit- Now I have to buy a new Microwave / Oven combination from Sears who can't fix my Microwave / Oven combination - You're saying you will give me $500..00 towards a new Microwave / Oven combination and I have to buy it from Sears .

America doesn't even know if your company will be around much longer Is this a defective unit and you can't fix ??? - Your company SEARS is holding me hostage - Your forcing me to buy a new Microwave / Oven combination- because you can't fix the unit- Why Can't you FIX MY Microwave / Oven combination- because you can't fix the unit- ?????ManageLike · Reply · 31m

@Jonathan C Jablons

Sears can't fix my microwave / Oven combination I have a service contract but they say it's the wrong one It's going on 3 months with out my GE microwave / Oven combination -They keep telling me the parts are on order!!! Now I was told they can't get the Parts- and I have to buy a new one from them with a 500 dollar credit- I bought the contract believe I would have piece of mind.....

FAR form that - Who's going to pay for the installation and why won't they just replace it ???? We had holiday dinner with and GE microwave / Oven combination- The Dinner for the Holiday was a BUST - We have had this Holiday dinner for 60 years with 15 people and all of the guest had horrible stories about SEARS ???

Why can't they fix the GE microwave / Oven combination ??? Why am I forced to buy another microwave / Oven combination -- I am being held hostage by Sears because they can't fix the GE microwave / Oven combination - This is going on 3 Months WHY CAN'T you fix it is it a defective unit ???