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Sears has just introduce a new maternity line that does not carry plus size maternity. Their previous line of maternity clothing extended to 3x. So, as America gets larger and larger, Sears decides that they will not service this population of women. There are SO FEW places that offer plus size maternity - only JC Penney and Motherhood Plus are the only national retailers I know that carry up to 3x maternity.

I asked Sears customer service repeatedly for their maternity buyer to contact me directly and received a boiler plate canned response in return each time.

Sears, shame on you!!!!

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Well my advice to you... lose weight hunny!

The reason they don't carry the size is because the majority of the population is smaller than you. There was a time when 1x was the largest size you could find.

The rest of the departments only carry up to 2x. So why don't you keep shopping at your supersized stores and leave Sears alone?

Ortonville, Minnesota, United States #21450

Yeah. i weight 400 lbs and can't find underwear that fits. My doctor told me to lose weight, but I would rather gripe about someone not carrying my size.

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