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I went to sears to buy a mattress/box spring that I saw in their flier. The flier indicated that any mattress/box spring over $599 would include free delivery.

I picked out a mattress/box spring and paid for it and noticed that they werent giving me free delivery. The saleswoman didnt mention it, hoping I wouldn't say anything. When I asked about the delivery and showed her their flier she said that the sale was for a single piece over $599. I asked to talk to the MGR which totally pissed her off.

After 30 min waiting the manger came and didnt want to discuss it. I explained to the manager how the details in the ad said and/or, but it did not good.

I canceled the purchase and went to Sleepy's which had a better deal. I have had many problems with Sears delivery scams in past and now vow to never shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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Bought a mattress and box spring from them a few years back and after we slept in it a few months it started sinking in the middle. Was suspicious of their drivers who delivered after they asked for the plastic cover back to cover the old mattress which was very clean and looked good.

Saw add in local paper for same mattress sold cheap as new right after. I am wondering if I got swapped on the new one I purchased.

I will never buy another from Sears again and will let out the word.


Hello :] as the Sears, Santa Barbara, Mattress Lead, I would like to apologize on behalf of the Sears store that misinformed you/ simply perhaps did not know the necessary information to provide you with (pretty sad on their part.) Anyway, any purchase over $399, nationwide, qualifies for free delivery. This does not mean "one piece over $399," it includes BOTH the box spring AND the mattress as a set.

If the set, pre-tax, was over $399, you should have gotten your $69.99 delivery fee reimbursed via rebate at www.mysearsrebate.com, or by mailing a copy of your reciept to the Sears Rebate Redemption Center. Currently, we are offering free instant delivery, to eliminate the hassle of dealing with rebates entirely. Again, I am very sorry that the associates at the store you went to were so unhelpful. It's very unusual for a manager to not know and explain these things, at the very least...

if not just deduct the delivery fee as a price adjustment in the store.

Best wishes, and I hope your mattress gives you many wonderful nights of sleep.