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New washer and dryer delivered last night late. Delivery people nice, but very hurried.

It was dark, I was number 14 on the list of 18 deliveries that day. The washer has a problem with water line. I have done all of the troubleshooting in the book. The gas dryer hookup was not long enough and they just used the old line.

Nothing will be over a week before they can return to see what the problem is. After being on hold with 5 different people at Sears customer repair, being cut off, transferred, for over one hour later I am not a happy consumer.

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Sorry to hear about your experiance with the delivery service. Take in mind that these delivery ppl are contracted by Sears and are not Sears employees.

They are paid by the delivery not by the hour and after following up behind one delivery team for several weeks reinstalling appliances that team was reprimanded and they loose a portion of the money for that installation. Make sure the tech shows that the repair was needed due to installation error and notifies his supervisor of what he/she finds. Never in a gas dryer installation should the old flex line be reinstalled. It could leak causing a gas leak.

Of course through the tech a replacement gas line is a extra charge as it is not covered under the warranty for the machine unless you had a prior arrangement with the store for installation of a prepurchased flex line.

I have found many times the delivery ppl were either in a hurry or just careless on installation. In some cases I have requested a replacement machine due to it being damaged by delivery.


I truly apologize about the inconvenience, I can definitely relate to how being cut off and transferred repeatedly as frustrating. If I may suggest contacting Delivery Solutions at 1-(800)-732-7747 if you have not already called us from that department, or even e-mail us at as soon as possible to ensure we contact you in an effective manner to discuss solutions that will meet your needs.

Again I truly apologize about what you have been going through because that is definitely unacceptable. Your business with Sears is greatly appreciated, and I hope you will stay shopping with us.

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