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My mother's water heater broke on Tuesday and I had to shut off water to the house because the shut off valve was rusted open. Had to drain the tank and the house was without water. I was searching around for to replace water tank and I saw on sears that if you call be 12 they will do same day service. FALSE. I called Wednesday morning, purchased item at 9:30am EST, I specifically asked for service TODAY. The associate who was more than happy to take my credit card information said that would not be a problem. An installation agent would call me back within an hour to set up the time.

No one called me so at 10:30 I called them back, spoke to someone in the installation department and they said they could not have me in the system yet, that it took 2 hours for it to go in the system. Again I told them of my concern that I wanted same day service, they said, I needed to call back in a hour.

11:30 still no call, so again I call them back, and same response that there was no problem and that they would call me back. I than got busy with work and called them back at 1pm. They transfer me to someone who will be doing the installation saying that I would get a call tomorrow for time. I said wait, I was told that it would be done today, I specifically asked for today, I bought this before 12, so that I would have it for today. He said that, the deal is if I did it before noon, but he said sears didn't give it until 1pm. WTF!?

I called sears back to get this fixed, my mother was home waiting all day for someone to come replace this, I been spending all this time on the phone trying to get someone to help me. I get put on hold for 40!! mins. That oh, we'll check if anyone else in the area can do the work, but the other associate told you false information, it takes 4-6 hours for the order to be processed, and the installer needs 24 hour notice for an installment to take place.

I get transferred to a specialist who supposedly it going to try and help me, Cathy, comes back and tells me she will call me back, WTF!? at this point it's 45 mins, I'm sitting outside of my work taking this freaking phone call, so I say fine, call me back on my office phone, and than i can step back outside again. The call never came.

Now it's 5:30pm, my mothers been home all day waiting for a repairman, that's not going to be coming today, I still have no phone call from Sears saying that they couldn't help me, I still don't' have a phone call from the repairman to even suggest what time they would come tomorrow to repair it. What kind of bull is this. Site says, call before noon and get same day install. One associate says, it takes 4-6 hours to process a call, and in the same sentences manages to say that it requires 24 hrs, what crappy service is that. Have you gone without hot water in your home before? Do you know how big a inconvenience that is? Let alone no water in the house because the water tank is on the *** of bursting, it had to be drained and the water to the house was shut off.

SEARS freaking sucks. I thought I could trust the name. This is poor service, I am very disappointed and upset right now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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