Edmonton, Alberta
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I ordered four kitchen appliances from Sears at West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada when we were having custom kitchen cabinets built - the cabinet maker required measurements of appliances up front. Not until we were ready for our appliances to be delivered did Sears notify us that they could no longer get the countertop depth fridge in the finish that we wanted (we ordered them several months before we required delivery). This resulted in us having to select all new appliances in a different finish (which costed more), delayed installation and required modifications to our cabinets to accomadate the new fridge size. This error resulted in a significant increase in cost to us.

Now the oven door seal is broken and I have been trying to get a service worker out to fix the problem. I ended up waiting for six hours for him/her to come and they never did show up - they went to the wrong address apparently. I run my own business so this was six hours of lost wages. I asked Sears if they could accomadate an evening service call since they have messed up on every step of my purchase so far, each costing me significant dollars. There has been absolutely no support from Sears.

Luckily our problem happened with a small loft that we were building to live in while we build our new home. There will be nothing in our new home from Sears - not even a shirt in the closets!

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I am so mad at the way Sears have treated us!!! My oven stopped working over 5 weeks ago and I am still getting the run around.

I purchased the extended warrenty and 1 year and 4 months later, my oven stopped working.

Their comments when I call is "what do you want me to do"!!! I couldn't even cook a thanksgiving turkey for my son who came home from university! Sears has treated my "lack of OVEN" as a joke. The girl named Michelle, said "well it has ONLY been 5 weeks".

Tell that to my children, my husband and my elderly mother who like to enjoy my homemade cookies, cakes and a nice thanksgiving dinner, that I could not cook. I can feel for the "Sears messed up at every step"