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I purchased a PS3 in the Sears store location via due to the store not having the item in stock with a gift card because the rep advised me that this was the best way. I'm sure due to commission! The order was placed in store Saturday 6/28.

On Sunday after I thought about waiting on it I called and requested to have the order cancelled and the gift card be credited so I could purchase it at Kmart since they had the item in stock. This way the compant would still have the business in the long run. I was told that I could not do that. And that I would recieve it on Thursday. I was ok with that and did not esculate the issue.

On Monday I recieve my shipping confirmation email from Sears that also stated 2-4 business days with a UPS tracking number. I checked the tracking number everyday after to only see that UPS had recieve the billing order and to check with the company because there was no further info.

So, Thursday, the day I was told by the rep and my Sears confirmation the product would be here comes.. STILL NOTHING! So I called Sears again to which I was told that it would be to me Monday or Tuesday. I'm sure everyone has ordered something online before.. even with the weekends it has NEVER taken me 10 days to recieve something!

I talked to the supervisor, she did NOTHING so I asked to speak to her supervisor, he also did NOTHING! I wasn't ugly and cussing and yelling.. I was very calm and professional about it and still nothing was done!

I explained that I would be out of town Monday-Thursday and the response I got was well refuse the order and we'll credit the gift card. Yea, like I want to spend another $430 with that company! When I told them I just wanted my money back they advised me to take it up with the store.

My advise.. SHOP ELSE WHERE! The whole experience was horrible and I still dont have my product! I will never shop there again!

Monetary Loss: $426.

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Ortonville, Minnesota, United States #21246

With all respect to Seared, there is no wharehousing of PS3's. Sony has screwed over every major retailer in the country for just this reason.

They tell a company that they will be getting X-number of units on such and such date, then either don't deliver as many units as promised, or none at all.

As evidenced here, frustrations run high all around.

It's really not Sears' fault. They were probably lied to to begin all this.

Kent, England, United Kingdom #20446

I understand the frustration but the refund policy is based on the type of payment.Being that it is one company now-yeah right I am surprised they couldn't get the item transferred from that local Kmart or order from their warehouse.

What they should do is offer a discount when they do get one.But unfortunetly it still comes down to the form of payment being a gift card.

Problem with giving a different form of credit for the purchase is that the policy looses it's integrity;hard to believe I know.But it also would encourage scams like obtaining a gift card with a no receipt return/stolen merchandise then buying another item and demanding cash for that.

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